Why are we having so many power cuts?

This was the question I posed to José Luis, my friendly Endesa rep who popped round this morning with Christmas cheers and a bottle of fine whisky, courtesy of Endesa. (That’s a lie, it was actually a business card holder with the Endesa logo blazoned on it).

He intially gave me the standard foboff about bad weather, high consumption, etc.

Not good enough, said I, to explain the 20 odd power cuts we’ve had since yesterday.

Frankly old bean, he replied with a shrug, the real reason is an obsolete network, lack of infrastructure and nobody wanting to spend any money to make it better.

Fair enough. Finally, an honest answer from Endesa as to why we get so many power cuts in the Levante.

(By the way, Endesa made 7,186 million euros in PROFIT last year. Have I mentioned that?)

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  1. It’s the exact same story with Unelco Endesa in the Canary Islands and I too got the same honest answer from one of their sub-contractors. They just won’t invest.

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