Almeria – Granada AVE train route open for public consultation

The Ministry has published the proposed AVE train route(s) between Almeria and Granada. Read all about it here: Almeria – Granada AVE train route published.

It will, no doubt, be a miracle of engineering. If we go in a roughly straight line via Marquesado de Zenete (which is in Guadix) and then down the A92 to Almeria, it’s around 125 km. Total cost is 2,500 million euros. Roughly… 20 million euros a kilometer. That ain’t too bad. Just watch out for the windfarms.

On the same day, the new Almeria – Seville air route has been announced, starting next Jan 15th. It costs us €100, plus an addition €12 million in public money each year. Twice a day on weekdays, “to allow citizens to do what they must in Seville” according to Griñán, who came down to Vicar to announce it. Air Nostrum got the flight, presumably to stop them complaining about Griñán setting up his own airline called Air Andalus, which gets lot of public cash to… fly between Andalucian capitals, Madrid, Barcelona and, for some reason, North Africa. Again, watch out for the windfarms.

Ah, progress.

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