An excellent website

Do you know, I like this website.

It’s the homepage of a fellow called Alberto, where he details his trips around Spain with his wife Rosa, and son, Javier.

Occasionaly, the inlaws make an appearence.

There’s nothing special about it. It’s simply 10 years of hard work on Alberto’s part, as he put up photos of his holidays and his trips across Spain.

It’s nice and quiet. No comments, no nasty talk, just pleasent trips throughout his beloved country in a quiet and unassuming manner.

No complaints, no “this could be better”, just the occasional “look at this strangely shaped rock I found”.

Although he does seem to take the sometimes lurid claims on the local tourist board brochure a little too seriously at times, copying them out as fact. And it is easy to imagine the sighs of the family as he bundles them all into the car on Saturday morning, along with a picnic.

There should be more website like this.

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