Police close brothels, La Voz fails to mention an Important Fact

Police have carried out one of their normal operations against people who smuggle in female prostitutes from outside the EU and force them to work in brothels.

La Voz de Almería, our friendly newspaper, condems this activity and says that the ring, operating under the name “María del Mar y sus gatitas” advertised their services on the net.

What La Voz has failed to mention, in denouncing these internet ads, is that this ring of brothels, using the same name, usually took up about a quarter of a page in their classified ads every single issue.

Heh ho.

One Reply to “Police close brothels, La Voz fails to mention an Important Fact”

  1. Most of the Spanish press lives from their sex-classifieds, which stretch to several pages in the Madrid editions. Here in our English language freebs, I think just the Weenie stoops to this particular form of exploitative income?

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