Almond oil

The gf buys almond oil, by the litre. I don’t know, something to do with hair. Anyway, the pharmacist has informed us that as from Jan, the stuff will only be sold in 100ml jars, not litres. Poison control and terrorist controls, it seems. He was a little vague on the specifics. Almond oil? A terrorist weapon? Come on.

Casa Santiago, Garrucha

Having been introduced to this place by Ric Polansky, who has an exhibition of bullfighting photos on the wall, I though it could be fun to pop there one evening with the parents and the gf. Quite the happy family. Casa Santiago has a large outside terrace, taking up most of the public pavement, where in fine Spanish style you can occupy the public road, lounging around with a g&t watching with interest as mothers Continue reading Casa Santiago, Garrucha