Christmas Lunches in Almeria

I have been offered “fully freezed, ready to cook” three course Christmas dinners (for not much money) by a clever importing company for preparating and sale to unsuspecting customers.

Nothing wrong with a frozen Christmas dinner, I suppose, unless you are serving them to the unsuspecting public who are happily paying their €40…

Anyone got any horror stories about Christmas dinners this coming winter in the area?

I already know about the place near Albox that was offering “Xmas dindins for €15 – bring your food and cook it yourself”…

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  1. Popped into MR.UK (Mojacar) to-day, …not sure if that is the correct name…but I’m sure you know where I mean….(only to warm up for a moment as the afternoon breeze was a bit chilly today) and what did I see??? An 11kg Turkey @ €4.75 per kilo. Over €50 for a f***ing turkey…no thanks!!!

  2. There is a bar in Albox offering an Xmas dinner for 50 euros, that is 100 euros a couple!! That is a different world to the one I live in.

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