Christmas Lunches in Almeria

I have been offered “fully freezed, ready to cook” three course Christmas dinners (for not much money) by a clever importing company for preparating and sale to unsuspecting customers. Nothing wrong with a frozen Christmas dinner, I suppose, unless you are serving them to the unsuspecting public who are happily paying their €40… Anyone got any horror stories about Christmas dinners this coming winter in the area? I already know about the place near Albox Continue reading Christmas Lunches in Almeria

An excellent turn of phrase

While continuing my studies in advanced Spanish Law (needs must where the Devil drives) I came across the usual salutation used in a recurso alzada or other exportation to a higher Authority (with a capital A): Por ser de Justicia que pido en Almería para Sevilla Lit: So that Justice may be served in Almería by Seville. I like that phrase. I must remember to use it more often in conversation.