Llano Central one step closer

Here’s a name that would gladden the heart of any Stalinist bureaucrat:

Orden de 10 de noviembre de 2009, por la que se acuerda la formulación del Plan de Ordenación Intermunicipal de la zona de reserva del Llano Central del Levante Almeriense, de acuerdo con el Plan de Ordenación del Territorio del Levante Almeriense, aprobado por Decreto 26/2009, de 3 de febrero, de la Junta de Andalucía.

No wonder lawyers charge so much.


The order has been published for the creation of the plan which, ignoring townhalls and residents, will decide where best to put golf courses, hotels and 36,000 cheaply built homes in our area. Hurrah!

Anyway – does anyone give a monkey’s, or shall I shut up about it?

Here we go: Intermunicipal Planning Order published for Llano Central

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  1. We sent off written objections but never heard anything. I suppose it was all cut and dried.

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