3000 euros for graffiti? Not enough!

Two French students were caught out graffiting a wall in the Alzaibin old quarter of Granada, and now face a fine of 3,000 euros each. They are the first people to face prosecution after Granada introduced some harsh new laws designed to clean the place.

Good. Granada’s graffiti is out of hand. It’s everywhere. The place is a tip. I have never seen so much mindless scribbling on walls.

Yes, there is some decent stuff out there and I quite enjoy a whole, otherwise blank, wall painted with a decent mural. But we’re talking about a drunk with a pen or a can of spray paint.

3,000 euros? Double it. Or make them eat the paint.

Seriously, the only place in Granada without graffiti is the Hotel AC Palacio de Santa Clara (where I stay when in Granada, mainly due to the lack of graffiti), which only remains clear due to large CCTV, and I presume, two gypsies with sticks who rush out whenever a drunk is spotted.

There’s even graffiti on the wall of the police station. Heaven’s above, there is even graffiti on the car that drives around urging people to “keep Granada clean”.

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