A night at the theatre

Just returned from a pleasent trip to Granada, where we went to see Rafael Alvarez, aka “El Brujo”. A surprisingly enjoyable 90 minute monologue about a dead flamenco dancer I’ve never heard of and is quite possibly made up (Miguel Pantalones), but enjoyable none the less.

And, of course, the usual delights of Granada. When I’m run out of the Levante by irate locals I shall move to Granada city centre. But only in the winter.

PS – Welcome back, Lenox. If one more person rings me up to ask if it is true that he has left the Levante (He Was On Holiday!) I shall scream.

2 Replies to “A night at the theatre”

  1. Yep, back (after my first holiday in over ten years!!).
    Now furiously writing stuff up on The Entertainer Online.
    That and drinking proper coffee again.

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