A night at the theatre

Just returned from a pleasent trip to Granada, where we went to see Rafael Alvarez, aka “El Brujo”. A surprisingly enjoyable 90 minute monologue about a dead flamenco dancer I’ve never heard of and is quite possibly made up (Miguel Pantalones), but enjoyable none the less. And, of course, the usual delights of Granada. When I’m run out of the Levante by irate locals I shall move to Granada city centre. But only in the Continue reading A night at the theatre

New look for Teleprensa.es

www.teleprensa.es is a local news portal (in Spanish) which provides often quite interesting snippits about local life. (It recently had a fight with AUAN after it published a piece suggesting the Brits had knowingly brought illegal homes in the area). However, the look of the site was always a little plain. They have now updated it, and I suspect I know where they got their inspiration from. Visit: http://www.teleprensa.es and look at it. Then go Continue reading New look for Teleprensa.es

Claire’s Bakery, Huercal Overa

I was recently in Huercal Overa, transacting some business. Being hungry and being close, I popped into Claire’s Bakery, on the street down from the top motorway exit to the main throughfare (same road as the Pepper Tree and Choice Entertainment, if that helps). I was enticed in by the sign on the door promising “fresh home cooking” and felt sure that there would be something tasty for a snack in the car, given the Continue reading Claire’s Bakery, Huercal Overa