Meson del Pobre

You’ll remember I mentioned how a strange piece appeared in the euroweekly -I doubt you read it, most people haven’t- about how Meson del Pobre “apologises for past problems” and has “new staff new menu new attitude” with no further explanation. An open invitation for speculation and rumour, I feel.

It’s been a while since I’ve been in there so I wasn’t aware of the changes.

The story, I’m told, is as follows:

Staff problems (some have complained of receiving incorrect change, others simply of bad service) exacerbated by Diego turning a blind eye in exchange for an occasional grope. More and more unpleasant people turning up and drinking, scaring away the better class of customer. Ends up with a big fight in the car park outside a couple of months ago. Usual story.

Diego is no longer associated with the place -some say he is looking for a new opportunity, others say his ass was fired, the story is up to him to tell- and new staff are in place.

And the page is turned and a new chapter in place. Wonder if their rotten tapas will be improved?

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