Cade Seipas

Me old mucker Colin Davies in Galicia (see his excellent site here) has an admirer, a fellow calling himself Cade Seipas. Mr Seipas has the same attitude towards the Galician language as an Islamic suicide bomber has towards his religion.

Mr Seipas, bored by Colin’s indifference, floated over here and posted a few comments. Due to his atrocious language I banned him from my site, but I imagine that if his limited intelligence runs to it he can see it on an RSS feed.

I did some digging around on Mr Seipas, who lives in Manchester (a Galician nationalist who can’t be arsed to live in his own country? ‘Ow queer!) and discovered his personal site which can be seen here:

No idea if it’s true or a hoax, but it gave me a giggle!

PS – you should see some of the emails he has sent me. If he had a mother she would be shocked at the language, bad spelling and intolerance. Disgraceful.

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  1. David,


    Wasn’t aware of his site and don’t believe a word of it. Endorses my theory that he’s the opposite of what he claims to be – i. e. a fascist Spanish nationalist who’s out to discredit Galician nationalists.

    Or perhaps he sees himself as an expert in the Galician humour called ‘retranca’.

    He certainly makes me laugh as well.

    Cheers. Ta for the citation.

  2. He went very quiet when I emailed him his real name and address… now he won’t even reply to my friendly emails asking for a recommendation to a decent hotel in the middle of La Coruña!

  3. HIs real name and address . . .

    Hmm, what one could do with these. If one were annoyed.

    He hasn’t posted anything to his drivel site for a couple of days either.

    Keep up the good work.

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