The Indian Tandoori, Mojácar Playa

This restaurant used to be called “Bollywood” and I dined there once, much to my dismay [Read the Bollywood Indian restaurant review (now archived)].

The owners eventually left, whether or not under a cloud it is not up to me to say, and it was taken back by the two owners who decided to install a new chef -he goes under the name “Mr Manchester”- and reopen it as “The Indian Tandoori”.

I paid it little attention until enticed there by some locals who live & work nearby, and presumably know what they are talking about when they said over the phone “we’ll meet at the best Indian in Mojacar”.

It was, as usual, a lovely sunny afternoon in Mojácar. The wonderful local management by the townhall has ensured that tourists have stopped coming to Mojacar, so that meant no traffic queues and and easy parking outside La Gaviota complex.

The restaurant is much as I remember it, albeit cleaner. It’s a big L shape around a large sunny exterior patio looking over the bay. The top has the bar, toilets, kitchen and storerooms, the rest the main restaurant.

I was pleased to note that both the lightswitch and the toilet door have been repaired, so the experience of being locked in with no light was not repeated.

We ordered a mixture of starters and a mixture of mains, seeing as to how it was lunchtime and we were four.

Poppadoms, fresh crispy and tasty. Nice mix of dips. Bhaji’s were nice, too.

A mixture of curries came for the main. The rice was crisp and fresh, as were the nans.

The curries? They were very nice. Not outstanding and I struggle to bring the taste back, but they slipped down nicely. Meat was fresh, which is nice as there is nothing worse than recooked chicken in a curry.

Prices were decidedly average for Mojacar, which was a nice surprise. With food, wine, g&t’s and bits, just over €110 for four. Cut down on the booze and the bill would, no doubt, be substantially lower.

The Indian Tandoori
Mojacar Playa – La Gaviota complex (just before the roundabout going up to La Parata)

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