El Pará, Turre

Still delicious. Still the best place in Turre for tapas, raciones or a full meal.

So many years ago Turre was the town of restaurants. It was well known that if you wanted to eat out you went to Turre.

We had the Adelina or the Meco for the “foriegners”, then defined as anyone from further away than Murcia or Albacete. Whereas the locals ate in Orsoca.

Well, you know the story. It ends up with Meson del Pobre having to publish an apoloy in the English-language press and Stoneys sports bar opening up.

But, one brave couple went against the tide and opened their own restaurant with typical food. Marcos and Cati. In La Pará. As I explained before, but will explain again for the benefit of my monolingual Catalan and Galician readers, La Pará mean “the stop” in Andaluz.

Bloody delicious stew. Are you cold? Hungry? Can’t be bothered with a three course meal each and just fancy some home cooked food shared between the table? Go to La Pará where they can serve you anything, as long as you like Spanish, home made and tasty.

La Pará restaurant
Top of Turre on the left. Come on, Turre ain’t that big.

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