Asahi Japanese restaurant, Almeria

Sushi! Is there any better two tone rallying cry?

Sadly, sushi is difficult to obtain even in Garrucha. Plus the Spanish government, in a nasty move, made it illegal to sell raw fish – it has to be deep frozen for at least 24 hours before serving. Which does change the taste a tad.

But I love it. So, sometimes, when in Almería, we pop into Asahi Japanese Restaurant, which is just a bit further down from Alcampo. Just in front of Husa Hotel.

It’s a Japanese restaurant which does some very nice noodles. Lovely decoration and attentive staff. Is it a restaurant that is a world reference for raw fish? No. But it’s all we have and it’s tasty. Just don’t expect anything too exotic on the menu.

Prices seem to have gone up slightly since the last time I was there. A lunchtime “menú recomendación” is €30 for two (min two people). There is also a set menu A (noodle & meat) and set menu B (sushi) at lunchtimes, at €12 and €13 respectively.

(For our international readers, a menú recomendación is a menú recomanació in Barcelona, or Recomendación Menú in [L]A Coruña. What the devil. A sampling menu in English. Happy?).

The usual suspects are on the menu. If you like sushi you will know them – if you don’t you won’t be reading this. The sampling menu has a delicious noodle dish and some beef as well, so it leaves you sated.

Plenty of things without raw fish are also on the menu. Lots of Japanese meats, noodles and general food, so you can have what you will.

A temaki sushi (tuna) is, I notice from looking at the bill, €5.50. An Asahi (Japanese branded beer, brewed in the Czech Rep.) is €3.55 which seems steep. Water, Solán de Cabras in the blue bottle, is €1.70.

Never left unhappy yet. Still, off to Granada this weekend so I shall pop into my secret sushi place there and compare.

Asahi Japanese Restaurant
C/ Italia 5 (in front of the Husa Hotel, first roundabout down from Alcampo towards city centre, right hand side). Google Maps.

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