El Pará, Turre

Still delicious. Still the best place in Turre for tapas, raciones or a full meal. So many years ago Turre was the town of restaurants. It was well known that if you wanted to eat out you went to Turre. We had the Adelina or the Meco for the “foriegners”, then defined as anyone from further away than Murcia or Albacete. Whereas the locals ate in Orsoca. Well, you know the story. It ends up Continue reading El Pará, Turre

Woohoo! A free netbook from my bank! Errrr…..

Where’s my microscope? So, if I domicile my nomina for 36 months, each nomina being over €1,200 with Openbank, they will give me a free netbook worth (in the very very small print) €248.79. Sooooo….. Frankly I can’t be bothered to work out the rate. But if I dumped the whole lot in a yearly period at 1% interest over three years (36 months) I’d get about €850 back in interest. So yes, I know, Continue reading Woohoo! A free netbook from my bank! Errrr…..

Neptuno beach bar, Mojacar Playa

June 2010 – A more modern review has been posted here: Neptuno Beach Bar, Mojacar Playa. It’s the 16th of November 2009 and at midday it was around 26ºC. Perfect weather for a paella on the beach. Let’s be honest. The weather is perfect. No wind. No clouds. The sea is so calm that even I, with my chronic sea sickness, would consider venturing out in it. If it were not for the incompetence of Continue reading Neptuno beach bar, Mojacar Playa

Police seize paperwork from Arboleas

I don’t know, it’s always something. Now the police have swooped on Arboleas townhall. A bunch of plainclothes officers from the Policia Autonomica turned up and started pocketing paperwork. Why the PA? They’ve never done anything interesting before. Since the PSOE rule Arboleas, I imagine it’s so they can destroy anything overly incriminting. Read the story: Police swoop on Arboleas townhall.

Asahi Japanese restaurant, Almeria

Sushi! Is there any better two tone rallying cry? Sadly, sushi is difficult to obtain even in Garrucha. Plus the Spanish government, in a nasty move, made it illegal to sell raw fish – it has to be deep frozen for at least 24 hours before serving. Which does change the taste a tad. But I love it. So, sometimes, when in Almería, we pop into Asahi Japanese Restaurant, which is just a bit further Continue reading Asahi Japanese restaurant, Almeria

The Indian Tandoori, Mojácar Playa

This restaurant used to be called “Bollywood” and I dined there once, much to my dismay [Read the Bollywood Indian restaurant review (now archived)]. The owners eventually left, whether or not under a cloud it is not up to me to say, and it was taken back by the two owners who decided to install a new chef -he goes under the name “Mr Manchester”- and reopen it as “The Indian Tandoori”. I paid it Continue reading The Indian Tandoori, Mojácar Playa

Know what’s wrong with Spain?

It just staggers me how badly skewed some peoples’ sense of moral outrage is, judging from the comments I get on this webpage. Seriously, if people dedicated a tenth of their fury and anger reserved for anyone who even hints at their local language not being the last word in, ahem, words, towards corrupt politicians then this country would be the best run country in the world. Let’s see. Within hours of an off the Continue reading Know what’s wrong with Spain?