Catalan parliament used Castellano-Catalan interpreter in official negotiations

A Catalan-Castellano interpreter was paid for by the Parliament (the Junta of Catalunya) during recent trade discussions with a diputation from Nicaragua.

The interpreter did bugger all but sit there, “but needed to be there in case a question in Catalan was asked”.

I was going to say something nasty about these fringe languages, but remembering the Galician fiasco thought I’d better keep my mouth shut.

Must be fun to be able to spend somebody elses money.

15 Replies to “Catalan parliament used Castellano-Catalan interpreter in official negotiations”

  1. By the way, that “fringe languages” sucks. There are no superior or inferior languages or cultures, you monkey, but more and less known. As a Galician who is perfectly bilingual in both Castilian and Galician I can have an opinion on this. You, on the other hand, can’t, because you are ignorant Galician-wise. So mind your language you sad moron. Nevertheless I suggest you back up your opinion (fringe language) on this issue, so we can have a enriching debate. Otherwise shut the f**k up. Nobody will ever ask you to go to Catalonia, especially if you don’t show due respect to them people.

  2. Fringe, btw, refers to number of people who talk it. Not superior or inferior. But a polyglot like you would know that.

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  4. Getting cut? The fishing boat will get boarded by the somali fighters and the owner will duly pay the requested tax and fuck off to base. Anyone can trawl and raid. Proper fishing requires other qualities.

  5. I know your rotten views on “fringe” nationalism. A sad moron like you should know that I know.

  6. *sighs, pinches bridge of nose and shakes head sadly*
    Hang on – a Catalan nationalist with a UK email address? The mystery deepens!

  7. Shut the fuck up you stupid twat. I’ll let you know when I have something to tell you. You will learn respect in due time.

  8. All right Manuelete, calm down and go back to your studies.
    So tell me, did you use this same logical, calm tone when discussing Bologna as your classmates delegado?

  9. no no, I’m ver calmed. It’s you who needs to calm down and think twice before writing rubbish about any nationality claim. I wouldn’t dare to write any rubbish on Scottish or Welsh nationalism, or even English, just as a matter of respect. So start by learning your first lesson: respect. Otherwise, someone will have to teach you that that very basic lesson. A friendly advice: stick to your reastaurant thing, in case of doubt.

  10. First of all, Manuel, you live in a slummy neighbourhood in Manchester. If I had to live there I’d be pissed off too, so I’m going to forgive you for your over excited comments.
    Secondly, I never said Catalan wasn’t a language. I said I was fedup paying for this rubbish, ie, politicians scoring points by paying for a translator who wasn’t needed. Even the CiU has admitted it was a waste of money.
    The truth is that Catalan could vanish tomorrow and it wouldn’t slow me down in the slightest as I ate my mornings Rice Crispies and watched the news.
    But if you think I’m happy that nationalist politicians -Catalan or Gallego- are WASTING my tax money on this shit…

  11. Actually, I’ve just been looking at the hate site you setup to annoy Colin Davies (
    You, Sir, are a racist.

  12. Christ that blokes an idiot. Ignore him dave, hes not worth the hassle. cant you block him?

  13. Actually, I’m starting to feel sorry for the fellow.
    Poor little sod, dreaming of his homeland and stuck working in a chip shop in Manchester. Dingy little bedsit. Bus home in the rain every night (he usually posts at about 1am, when he gets home).
    No wonder he’s got a chip on his shoulder. Probably joined the BNP for good measure (or Democracia Nacional).
    Bet he wishes he’d never studied for that philology degree, although it may help him deal with drunks at the fish n chip shop.

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