Jon Gaunt on Spectrum FM

Spectrum FM seem to be proud that they have a man called John Gaunt, who has something to do with the UK Sun newspaper, on air. (I’m not sure of the details). A number of people have asked me how he’s going down in the Levante.

I’ve held a little, informal survey on how many people like this blithering idiot.

1 person liked him. (Bloke’s a nitwit with the intellectual curiosity of Paris Hilton’s lapdog so we can dismiss his half witted opinion – personally, I don’t think he even owns a radio)

8 people confirm my view of Mr Gaunt, and one brought me a drink, which was nice.

Nobody else had heard of Spectrum or Gaunt.

Fair enough. Personally, I prefer the easy listening music of Choice FM, as do many others. Or the BBC. Or RNE5 – an enjoyable mix of Spanish intellectuals talking about a country we actually live in, as opposed to a country most people have fled from.

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  1. At the risk of belittling Spectrum radio, and libelling Jon Gaunt – the combination of the two is very much ‘how the mighty have fallen’. ‘Gaunty’ as he likes to be called is a self-styled ‘shock jock’ whose career seems to have peaked and then troughed. He seems to enjoy upsetting all and sundry with what some would call his reactionary, extreme right wing, opinions. Perhaps he can get Leapy Lee on the show, they seem to share the same low IQ and high opinion of themselves.

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