Personal loans to companies

Neat! Up to now, if you owned more than 5% of a company and lent it money, any interest charged on that loan would be taxed on your general IRPF at amounts of up to 43%. But, tax law 11/2009, just approved, changes this and backdates the change to the 1st of January 2009, which is useful. So now, to work out tax on interest charges, multiply by 3 and your percentage of participation in Continue reading Personal loans to companies

Jon Gaunt on Spectrum FM

Spectrum FM seem to be proud that they have a man called John Gaunt, who has something to do with the UK Sun newspaper, on air. (I’m not sure of the details). A number of people have asked me how he’s going down in the Levante. I’ve held a little, informal survey on how many people like this blithering idiot. 1 person liked him. (Bloke’s a nitwit with the intellectual curiosity of Paris Hilton’s lapdog Continue reading Jon Gaunt on Spectrum FM