Google wave

I opened up my email box this am to find an invitation to trial the new beta version of a product from Google called “Wave”.

Google wave is, according to the blurb:

Google Wave is an online communication and collaboration tool that makes real-time interactions more seamless — in one place, you can communicate and collaborate using richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more.

A wave is a conversation with multiple participants — participants are people added to a wave to discuss and collaborate on its content. Participants can reply any time and anywhere within a wave, and they can edit content and add more participants as a wave develops. It’s also possible to rewind waves with the playback functionality, to see what happened, and when.

Looks very nice and I felt proud at having been selected.

Trouble is – I don’t know anyone else who’s been invited, and I’m not allowed to invite anyone. And it’s frigging useless unless two people are involved, as its a communication tool.

It’s like being the very first person to signup to Facebook. :s

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