The AVE in Almería

430 people have lost land in Almeria so far to the AVE line. Fomento has been issuing expropriation orders since December last year, and construction has started.

God bless that 1954 law that means that construction can start before having to wait for an independent review of the expropriation of that poor peasent’s land.

And so far the only bit that is fixed is Sorbas, Los Gallardos, Bedar and Vera. Great.

What we don’t know -because we, the people who pay for these hair brained schemes (ie, tax payers)- is where the line goes either side.

Will it go to the centre of Almeria, or does it end in Nijar’s new “dry port”? Will it continue to Granada before the underground rail tunnel to the centre of Almeria is finished?

We know it goes on the other side to Murcia, but does it stop in Lorca? Cartagena? Which side of Huercal Overa does it go? In fact, what happens to the line after Vera? Why is the line being built here without the route being published on either side? Oh, yes, it’s because of the Llano Central and the Cabrera tunnel.

God, I’m sick of these evasions and lies. Just come out with it and say it: YOU ARE A CITIZEN, SHUT UP, WE’RE DECIDING ALONG WITH LOCAL RICH PEOPLE WHO WILL F**K YOU OVER IF POSSIBLE.

Public consultation? Effeing joke setup to get cash out of the EU.

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  1. Chap I know in Turre is losing 2,000 metres to the AVE. They are paying him 10c a metre compensation – that’s 200 euros.

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