Ryanair force Granada’s hand (and pocket)

After a very public threat to pull out of Granada airport if the Ryanair Revolutionary Tax wasn’t paid by the local town and businesses (the press release mentions changing to the much cheaper “Granada West”, which is actually Jaén airport – about three hours by coach) the Diputacíon de Granada has quietly admitted that an “arrangement” will be found.

Basically, Ryanair wants someone else to pay the landing fees at Granada airport. If not, they’ll go to Jaen. This someone will be the local Diputacion, or townhall, or some government body – ie, you and me via taxes.

Someone appears to have caved in, although details are -as you can imagine- hard to find. All we know is that Ryanair brings 450,000 (usually scruffy) tourists in a year to Granada, and the local chamber of commerce doesn’t want them to leave.


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