A gypsy called Franco

While browsing in El Corte Ingles, I had a phone call from a nice sounding young gitano. Towards the end of the call, I wrote down his number and asked him to repeat his name. “Franco”. “Franco?” I asked -him sounding like a fairly young chap. “Franco” he confirmed, somewhat defiantly,  “despite being a gitano, I am called Franco”. Fair enough. His defiant tone did make me laugh, though. Plus, say the name “Franco” in Continue reading A gypsy called Franco

Bad judge

A judge in Jaén has been suspended for a year after trying to close down a shop in a personal vendetta. After using half a bottle of perfume she decided she didn’t like the smell and tried to get her money back. When the owner- naturally – refused to return a half empty bottle of perfume to the shelves she produced her ID and threatened to close his shop. Despite getting her money back she Continue reading Bad judge