IVA on Jamon serrano

While on the general subject of olive oil, have you ever stopped to think about the tax level on a nice Jamón Serrano? Guess how much IVA you pay on a Jamon, even a nice bellota, pata negra, best of the best? Luxury product, special once a year treat, sort of thing. No, despite everybody agreeing a Jamon is a luxury product, it’s not 16%. It’s 7%. But if it’s cut up, deboned or otherwised Continue reading IVA on Jamon serrano

How to look after olive oil

From my Cañada del Marqués tin of olive oil: This package protects of the light and favors the perfect conservation of all characteristics organoloepticas of the extra virgen olive oil. Close thitgly. Whats a “characteristics organoloepticas”? At €35 a can, you’d think they’d use a human translator.