Medical exams with UK driving license

As usual, the Sol Times has printed the first bit of rumour it gets without bothering to check the facts. This appeared today top of page 3 in a big red box: Thanks to Bruce Hobday of the Cantoria Residents Association who sent us the following: Maria Luisa (Policia Local of Arboleas) has checked with Tráfico in Almeria who have confirmed the following: British Citizens who are resident in ALMERIA and who hold an up Continue reading Medical exams with UK driving license


Amazing place. I was browsing there last night, while the GF was off looking for sensible things. Where else can you find an Arabian water pipe, a chess set made out of false glass, a first aid kit, a chainsaw (petrol), a guitar, ladies perfume and nit shampoo. And that’s just in aisle one. God knows what else they’ve got in there. SuperTurre – Maxi Ahorro SL: ¡Trabajos sin descanso para ust!

Was this a tiger?

Tony writes in: sadly we are all used to seeing animals on the roads that have been hit by cars, however the other day we saw something very strange. Call me potty if you like but on the A334 JUNC 34 between Albox and direction Partaloa I’m convinced we saw a tiger / lion lying in the central reservation. Did anyone else see this too or am i to go and see my doctor ? Continue reading Was this a tiger?

PAWS seems to be having delusions of grandeur…

…going by the plans for this years fashion show. The PAWS annual fashion show has always been a great success, a pleasant afternoon with a slap up meal or bbq, music and live entertainment and a few stands, as well as the wonderful display of clothes donated by local ladies and modelled by local volunteers. Fond memories. This year, it’s being held in the somewhat draughty “Centro de Artesania” in Mojácar, and ticket prices have Continue reading PAWS seems to be having delusions of grandeur…

Spain will ban smoking in all public places

Trinidad Jiménez, in an interview with El Mundo (link), Minister of Health, has confirmed that it is her intention to ban smoking in all public places, including bars and restaurants, by next year. Bar and restaurant owners have responded with fury, although consumers are happy. “People come to bars to drink, smoke and say stupid things” said one annoyed bar owner. If I remember correctly, Trinidad claimed that 70% of all Spaniards wanted to ban Continue reading Spain will ban smoking in all public places

INEM offices to open during the afternoons

In order to keep giving the excellent service the Spanish expect of their Public Administration, ZP has announced that unemployment offices across the nation (well, almost all of them) will be open extra hours (no siesta, open till late). The plan has been approved in principle by the unions. Extra hours will be covered by making the staff work overtime and no extra staff will be hired. The project wil cost €4,5 million and last Continue reading INEM offices to open during the afternoons