ZP tells Brown how to win the election

ZP, who graciously travelled to Brighton to bestow some glamour on the otherwise dull Labour conference (ole Prince of Darkness Mandelson comedy routine excepting), shared a few tips with Brown on how to win the next elections. No, nothing about using the Police and Judiciary to hound your political opponents into the ground. Nor did he advise him to change his name to David Cameron to confuse the voters. Apparently Brown must be “loyal” to Continue reading ZP tells Brown how to win the election

Spam emails from the Costas

I’ve started receiving -unwanted- emails from a local language centre. Well, I say “Local”, I think they’re in Valencia, god knows why they’re sending me this stuff about local classes. What made me chuckle, after I deleted the last 8 of them, was that they proudly say at the bottom “This newsletter conforms to the standards of Regulation 22(3) of the Guidance to the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations” Excellent. I couldn’t care less. That’s Continue reading Spam emails from the Costas