Ryanair threatens to drop Granada airport

Ryanair claims that Granada city council is not keeping it’s end of the bargain and is not paying it’s share of airport costs, as promised. A special meeting has been called of company directors for Monday, where they will revise the situation and see if they want to continue flying from Granada.

Currently, you can fly with Ryanair from Granada to Londres Stansted, Liverpool, East Midlands (Nottingham), Milán, Bolonia, Girona & Madrid. 240.000 people came to Granada last year through them, it seems. Local businesses have already started to invite offers from other airlines to see if they want to pick up the slots.

Ryanair, noted for being a bully when it comes to squeezing the last penny out of regional airports, has publically stated that there are plenty more airports in Spain. Well, quite. Stansted to Granada West – the Alhambra is just four hours by bus from Jaén!

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  1. Any idea what’s happened since – there appear to be flights to stansted on the ryanair website but nothing for liverpool?

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