Amazing place. I was browsing there last night, while the GF was off looking for sensible things. Where else can you find an Arabian water pipe, a chess set made out of false glass, a first aid kit, a chainsaw (petrol), a guitar, ladies perfume and nit shampoo. And that’s just in aisle one. God knows what else they’ve got in there. SuperTurre – Maxi Ahorro SL: ¡Trabajos sin descanso para ust!

Was this a tiger?

Tony writes in: sadly we are all used to seeing animals on the roads that have been hit by cars, however the other day we saw something very strange. Call me potty if you like but on the A334 JUNC 34 between Albox and direction Partaloa I’m convinced we saw a tiger / lion lying in the central reservation. Did anyone else see this too or am i to go and see my doctor ? Continue reading Was this a tiger?