Stars in the Bar 2009 competition

There is a local competition being organised in the area, a series of talent competitions for amateur singers and entertainers. It’s being organised by Gee Bee’s Karaoke, and the grand finale is at Miraflores at Camping Los Gallardos. A series of local bars will be holding the different finals. The STARS IN THE BARS 2009 Karaoke Challenge in aid of M.A.C.S Charity that we are organising BREAST CANCER AWARENESS month in the U.K so get Continue reading Stars in the Bar 2009 competition

Gangsta rap, yo!

Just called Securitas Direct, and had to listen to three minutes of the most atrocious gangsta rap while on calling waiting… I can see the logic behind it (sign up with us or people who like this sort of music will come around at night to visit you) but it was still annoying. But not as annoying as being abruptly cut off at the end of the song.

ZP tells Brown how to win the election

ZP, who graciously travelled to Brighton to bestow some glamour on the otherwise dull Labour conference (ole Prince of Darkness Mandelson comedy routine excepting), shared a few tips with Brown on how to win the next elections. No, nothing about using the Police and Judiciary to hound your political opponents into the ground. Nor did he advise him to change his name to David Cameron to confuse the voters. Apparently Brown must be “loyal” to Continue reading ZP tells Brown how to win the election

Spam emails from the Costas

I’ve started receiving -unwanted- emails from a local language centre. Well, I say “Local”, I think they’re in Valencia, god knows why they’re sending me this stuff about local classes. What made me chuckle, after I deleted the last 8 of them, was that they proudly say at the bottom “This newsletter conforms to the standards of Regulation 22(3) of the Guidance to the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations” Excellent. I couldn’t care less. That’s Continue reading Spam emails from the Costas

Floods in Turre – riverbeds full!

Crikey. The run off from the mountains after this mornings downpour is incredible now there is no vegetation. Ramblas are full and the place is under water. Haven’t seen the rambla’s this full since the huge storms of 1991. An group of the old lads seemed in agreement that the ramblas have never been so full since the 23rd of August 1963 (or anyone of similar dates around that time, you know what it’s like Continue reading Floods in Turre – riverbeds full!

Tax rises announced for next July

The government has announced a series of tax rises for the next budget, including an increase in IVA to 18% and 8%, respectively. Tax on any money you have in the bank or invested jump to 21%. Full story here: 2010 Spanish tax rise announced Frankly, despite the fact he’s a bit of an oik, I’m with Rajoy on this one. A desperate attempt to plug the funding hole, hitting the easiest target whilst hoping Continue reading Tax rises announced for next July

Ryanair threatens to drop Granada airport

Ryanair claims that Granada city council is not keeping it’s end of the bargain and is not paying it’s share of airport costs, as promised. A special meeting has been called of company directors for Monday, where they will revise the situation and see if they want to continue flying from Granada. Currently, you can fly with Ryanair from Granada to Londres Stansted, Liverpool, East Midlands (Nottingham), Milán, Bolonia, Girona & Madrid. 240.000 people came Continue reading Ryanair threatens to drop Granada airport

Beachcomber John’s new fried chicken

Beachcomber John (Beachcombers on the Playa, you know it!) has invented a “finger licking good” deep fried chicken recipe that he claims rivals KFC’s. Not to be picky, but surely the idea is to surpass KFC? The only time I’ve eaten in a KFC was at Bangkok Airport (it was the only restaurant open) and I spent the next few hours feeling quite, quite, ill. Just from the taste. I mean, come on, they sell Continue reading Beachcomber John’s new fried chicken