La Pará, Turre

La Pará is a new bar and restaurant that has opened up at the top of the main street in Turre, as you leave going out towards the cementery. It´s very, very nicely done out inside, with no expense spared on the décor. This was done by someone who plans to stay a while, and these people are Ana, her husband Marcos and Ana’s sister whose name escapes me (but I´ll find out next time Continue reading La Pará, Turre

A sign of the AVE?

I was going to call this post “Work starts on the AVÉ”, but two signs does not a high speed railway make. Although a few red posts have been stuck in the ground at random. I’m tempted to move one about a meter to the right, just to see what will happen. The signs were put up yesterday (I’ve only just found the cable for my camera phone to download the photo) by a construction Continue reading A sign of the AVE?