La Pará, Turre

La Pará is a new bar and restaurant that has opened up at the top of the main street in Turre, as you leave going out towards the cementery. It´s very, very nicely done out inside, with no expense spared on the décor. This was done by someone who plans to stay a while, and these people are Ana, her husband Marcos and Ana’s sister whose name escapes me (but I´ll find out next time Continue reading La Pará, Turre

A sign of the AVE?

I was going to call this post “Work starts on the AVÉ”, but two signs does not a high speed railway make. Although a few red posts have been stuck in the ground at random. I’m tempted to move one about a meter to the right, just to see what will happen. The signs were put up yesterday (I’ve only just found the cable for my camera phone to download the photo) by a construction Continue reading A sign of the AVE?

You CAN sell porn to kids without being arrested (in the UK)

Crikey! Remind me to never again say that the British parliament is more efficient that the Spanish one (not that I ever had, mind you). People selling adult videos, including pornography, to children are to escape prosecution after the discovery of a Whitehall blunder that means that the 1984 law regulating the video industry was never enacted. It also leaves the industry in disarray with the classification system designed to protect the under-18s from violent Continue reading You CAN sell porn to kids without being arrested (in the UK)


I walked into a pillar today in an office.  Painted the same colour as the wall behind it. I’l told the way I staggered backwards and fell over a chair was quite funny, but I now have a large egg on my head. Ouch.

Griñán’s visit to Turre “worse than when Franco came” says IU

This made me laugh. Martin had a point tho’. Marching kids out of school and telling them to “smile and wave” when the President came by? Don’t steal kids for political photos – or when Franco mark 2 came to Turre. Only consolation is that old Grimy didn’t look too happy in the photo. Did he want to be surrounded by sticky kids?

A story of the “free” press and the power of advertising….

Here’s an (allegedly true) story someone told me last night. Names changed to protect the guilty from public justice and me getting sued. A certain Spanish historian, here in Mojácar, has a local pressure group which is taking a large utility company (let us assume it’s an electric company, for arguments sake) to court, and winning, for expropriating the land of small landowners, ignoring a more direct route through some big landowners and the Llano Continue reading A story of the “free” press and the power of advertising….

New 10 pin bowling centre in Arboleas

I was up at the opening of the new 10 pin bowling centre in Arboleas, the Arboleas Bowling Centre. Amazing place. I walked in and thought I’d been transported to a big city. No expense spared on the decor. 12 high tech bowling lanes, comfy shoes, nice socks and even better prices. Spacy, decent a/c and a large cafeteria serving what looked like quite decent snacks and meals. I predict a rosy future, and if Continue reading New 10 pin bowling centre in Arboleas