New air route to Madrid and Barcelona announced

€59 return? That ain’t bad. Perfect for tourists who otherwise can’t get here in the winter. Fly to Madrid, change, fly onwards. Twice daily. Later Barcelona.

Not too sure about them using some strange Brazilian plane made in Seville… Still, no extra charge for luggage and the seats are promised to be comfy.

Amazing how the Junta doesn’t mind throwing money into a rat hole, as long as the rat is Andaluz. (The carrier is Andalus Air, an Andalucian airline that is getting plenty of government money spent on it to make Andalucia play with the big boys. Catalunya has SpanAir, Madrid has Iberia, Valencia has Air Nostrum, now we have Andalus. True, we fly small Brazilian jets rather than anything big and modern, but at least bits of them are made -and presumably will drop off- in Seville. Still better than those prop planes -one step up from bi-planes- that Nostrum uses).

I notice one of the backers of Andalus is Mr. Cosentino, Almería’s most succesful businessman who has often complained about not being able to get to Madrid without leaving Andalucia.

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  1. For the record. It may be a strange aircraft to you but
    Embraer of Brazil who make these is the third largest commercial aircraft manufacturer in the world.
    Most of its production is to the USA for short haul routes.
    Good old Great Britain doesnt even figure as an aircraft producer any more.

    Also turbo props are safer and more eco friendly than jets and should be used on short haul internal routes more.
    They are mostly new designs except for an odd few oldies operating out of Londin City airport.

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