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Water supplies are still cut off in many parts of Turre, Mojacar, Carboneras and Garrucha.

All domestic water supply was cut off to provide as much supply and pressure to Mojacar as possible. I’m told that the system is almost empty and is being refilled.

Can’t find any news on when supplies will be restored, I was told that the reservoirs in the mountains are still being refilled as fast as possible.

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  1. As of Saturday, water supplies have been restored at the Puerto Marina end of the Playa, and I’d assume the same applies for the rest of the Playa beachfront.

    The new relief road seems to have acted as a fire break which coupled with the wind changing direction before dying away, saved all the beach side of the hill all along the Playa.

    Well done to the Town Hall in Mojacar for a text book evacuation, although I do sometimes despair in reading accounts of people who tried to stay and fight the fires. Yes, it’s distressing to see your property going up in smoke, but how much more distressing is it for people having to recover your bodies? In most cases, it’s domestic hoses and buckets against flames fanned by 80km winds… Only going to be one winner and that isn’t you!
    Sincere thanks and respect to all involved in the fire fighting efforts, bad enough with 40 plus degrees BEFORE putting on protective clothing or getting near the flames. Especially brave considering 5 fire fighters have been killed fighting similar fires up in Catalonia.
    MUY GRACIAS to you all.
    Thanks also for everyone who helped their neighbours and to the businesses on the Playa for doing all they could to help.

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