Another large fire in Cabrera

Another fire has started in the Cabreras.
It has spread from aprox the high tension lines near Cabrera to Mojacar, and reports are that it has reached the Mojacar petrol station.
There is another fire behind Marina de la Torre.
We reported the first fire at around 3,30pm, and shortly afterwards spotted a second fire.
It woud appear that there are several fires raging at the same time. It would also seem from second hand reports that several fires started in different areas, which would indicate that they were set on purpose.
There are not as many firemen as before, and second hand reports I am receiving suggest that what men are available are being concentrated in the Mojacar region.
Turre townhall is evacuating the areas above Turre, and areas between Turre and Mojacar.
At least one cortijo above Turre is on fire.
Further reports as I receive them.

Please post all current fire reports on this page to let us know what is going on.

Officials say that if you are near the fires you should make plans to leave for the night. Currently they are not asking for volunteers, that might change, so if you speak Spanish and are willing to help ask the police or civil protection for more information. Apart from that, stay indoors and listen out for any official advice given out by loudspeaker.

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  1. We are in Los Gallardos watching again. A Spanish neighbour said they had friends with a house on fire in the pueblo

  2. Some very large fires moving quickly down mountain, Houses on Parata hidden by smoke, helicoptors are attending but swirling wind making things diffiicult. Houses across rambla from Pueblo Sol evacuated, no other evacuations yet.

  3. We have friends staying in Mojacar Playa in the villas slightly up the hill behind the calajamar bank. They have said there are villas behind them on fire and they are making plans to evecuate.

    We were in the same villas last week so saw the forest fires, that was scary enough. I really hope they’re ok.

    Can anyone give me their comments on the best thing to do or where they should head for as I will keep in touch with them by phone and text.

  4. the Guardia closed the ´new´road to Mojacar , from Los G to Garrucha road to the petrol station roundabout at about 7.30. Its now 21.45 and the fires are still burning up high and a ring of fire round a hill towards the pueblo.

  5. Thank you Alex, that is good information as that is the way my friends would be heading out of Mojacar.

    I’ve just called and spoken to Claire (my friend) she sounds really upset, obviously. They have been told to pack and head for the beach. That was all she had time to tell me.

    I really hope they are ok.

  6. To Lisa Lloyd
    Either go onto the sea front at Mojacar or head for Garrucha on the coast road. The hills at the back of the Cabreras are on fire so I think that is heading out of Mojacar towards Carboneras. It also looks like the fields behind Ture are on fire so the Turre to Los Gallardos road is probably closed again. However, I am watching this from Los Gallardos so cannot say exactly where things are, I would recommend coastal towards Garrucha, Vera direction. I hope they are ok, I am sure its all fine.

  7. We are back in the UK having been out on holiday in Cabrera earlier this week – although we have parents out in Mojacar at the moment who have been evacuated down to the beach. I have fingers crossed for all of the people over in the area.

  8. Thank you Alex, they are heading for the beach as they’ve been told to do. I have text them you’re comments though.

    Thank you 🙂

  9. My son is staying by Puerto Marina Hotel.
    He says thay have evacuted the hotel. Does anyone have any more news around there

  10. We’re getting a report from friends living on the hill behind Tito’s that they have yet to witness firefighters actually battling the fire behind those hills, can anyone confirm/deny this?

  11. We have a home in the Canada Aguilar area, up from the beach, the whole street has been evacuated. I have family out there at the moment, and am due to join them on Monday but find it hard to get inforamtion from the UK. Does anyone know how long people may be evacuated, is it getting worse/better?

    Thanks, hope you’re all well

  12. @Lucas From what i was able to see on weather satellite pictures by daylight, the fire is big, but not widespread. With off-land wind it has nowhere to go but towards the beach. I hope it wont, but if it does, that would be a matter of hours, not days.

  13. 21.30 hrs GMT-23rd July – Parents live in Canada D’Aguilla (calle Rapa). have safely evacuated to Garruca. Plenty of thick smoke everywhere.Petrol station on the island on the way up to Mojacar village seriously under threat ! Pray to God that they are ALL ok.

  14. 21:40 GMT – Update from my friend, the fire is now just 1/2 mile behind the villa. The villa is 300m from the beach. Most people are now standing on the beach.

    My friends have managed to leave Mojacar and are driving south to find a hotel.

    Edited for Simon

  15. Just got word from our friends that there’s a mandatory evacuation ongoing for the hills of Mojacar playa.

  16. plz could u let me no latest up dates on the fires as i have a house and family out there and would like to no wats going on many thanks

  17. to anyne updating could you PLEASE state TIME/DATE of your update – cheers (a worried son stuck in the UK!)

  18. We’re at Vera Playa on the Garrucha – Vera road and there is a stream of cars coming from the Garrucha direction, evacuating.

  19. We are at Macenas and at the moment the fire seems to be spreading towards our direction (very slowly still a long way off) and towards the sea. Friends have property on old bacj road that runs along from petrol station towards garrucha (down towards garden centre roundabout) and they have been evacuated as fire at back of their house on campo. They have been sent in Garrucha direction and not allowed along playa. Apparantly Parata been evacuated along with many others over back playa. 22.56 CET

  20. 11:00 Amsterdam time, parts of Garrucha are being evacuated and sent to Vera.

  21. can anyone give details of a webcam in Mojacar – tried several sites w/o success

  22. Anybody know the safest way to evacuate mojacar? Family are all over there and theyve heard the garrucha road is closed? Nobody is really telling them whats goin on.

  23. @ash our friends were not allowed to take their own car and were told to stay on the beach

  24. from Twitter: Mojácar pueblo es devorado por las llamas. El fuego se expande por el centro del pueblo llevándose por delante casas y edificios. Mi*rda.

    Short translation: centre of Mojacar Pueblo (not playa) is lost.

  25. Just (11.15pm) spoke to my friends from Los Atalayones complex, (behind La Gaviotta) everyone there has been evacuated to the beach. They are currently in Los Arcos beach bar and can see the fires burning all along the hill immediately behind Los Atalayones – near the road up to La Parata.

  26. Several car loads of refugees arrived in the road behing the Vera Playa Mercadona


  27. just had a text from brother – the parata is on fire and fire is now bruning towards bedar (inland). People safe on la playa 22.25 gmt

  28. Just had a text of my mum from Calle Pallangre in Mojacar at 22:10 GMT that she has been evacuated to the car park near the Medeteranio? on Mojacar playa if you know where this is. I have just phoned her on the mobile and she sounds very worried but she has said morse the dog and Kavanagh + QC the cats are safe please keepus brits that have loved ones over there updated as her phone battery wont last to long. Please

  29. 10.30 pm english time.

    Hi all, thanks for keeping us updated. I have a house in Turre, but am in the UK at the mo. The information you are putting on this site is fantastic. Please keep on adding if you can. My heart goes out to all that are over there. Stay safe.

  30. Colin,

    My brother-in-law/sister were staying in the apartments at the rear of Puerto marina hotel. They have a car and have been told to drive to carbonares, they are on the outskirts of carbonares with lots of others in cars. 2248cet

  31. seems everyone puerto marina is beong evacuated to school in carboneras. keep info co,ing please.

  32. Annie – several houses between Turre and Mojacar damaged. 37° 8’30.49″N 1°52’53.19″W taps details into google earth.

  33. Annie – several houses between Turre and Mojacar damaged. 37° 8’30.49″N 1°52’53.19″W taps details into google earth. 22.45 gmt

  34. We have many friends and family in the area, please keep the info coming as this is our only way of learning what is happening. Thanks

  35. Hi, thank you for that. I know mine’s ok. I’m just worried about everybody in the whole area. It’s just hard to take this all in. I think I will be sat here at the computer all night!

  36. Thanks Dave. My son has just called. Still sitting outside the little french bar waiting to be evacuated to a school at Carboneras with about 300 other people. Making the most of the alcohol to try and make a bad situation a little better.

  37. Anybody know anything about the campsite at
    the back of old Mojacar, Camping el Quinto?
    My parents have a motor home on there and have lived there for 14 years. I would love to be able to tell them it is still there. Any news please let me know. That is there only home.

  38. Am wondering abour my many friends in Los G Camping, and in Ture and Mojacar. My heart goes out to all in this beautiful area. Please keep the information coming.

  39. peolple are leaving garrucha too, the school in the pueblo has now gone!! the radio dont seem to know whats going on! many cars around here ( vera playa ) 23:57

  40. I am still in Los Gallardos and the fires toward Mojacar seem lesser from my roof. Just walked neighbours dog and thee was an explosion from the other side of the Turre road. That has high flames now. From Huerta Nueva looking toward Cabrera it is sort of opposite the new rural hotel? Poss before Autocorner if you are coming out of Turre? Sorry my directions are a bit rubbish. Our neighbours have evacuees from Mojacar who said the flames were very close to their houses. Sorry if this is a bit doom and gloom hopefully will have better news in a bit.

  41. 22:55 GMT – Just spoken to my friend. They’ve driven to Caboneras and Claire sounded much calmer.

    She said the roads are packed with people leaving and there are hundreds of people pouring into the town.

    She said the order to evacuate when it came was swift and no nonsense. A police car turned up at their villa and told them to leave everything and just go. Her kids were terrified.

    However, it does seem as though the authorities are taking charge although she did say there seems to be no attempt to try and tackle the fires. She is sure there is a good reason for this however.

    Thinking of all of you that have loved ones out there or have an attachement to the area.

  42. just heard from parents-moved to Gurrucha where is deemed safest apparently. Fire mainly in hills, through Mojacar Pueblo (village) and moving through towards Turre via mountain range as looking up from the coast

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