Another large fire in Cabrera

Another fire has started in the Cabreras.
It has spread from aprox the high tension lines near Cabrera to Mojacar, and reports are that it has reached the Mojacar petrol station.
There is another fire behind Marina de la Torre.
We reported the first fire at around 3,30pm, and shortly afterwards spotted a second fire.
It woud appear that there are several fires raging at the same time. It would also seem from second hand reports that several fires started in different areas, which would indicate that they were set on purpose.
There are not as many firemen as before, and second hand reports I am receiving suggest that what men are available are being concentrated in the Mojacar region.
Turre townhall is evacuating the areas above Turre, and areas between Turre and Mojacar.
At least one cortijo above Turre is on fire.
Further reports as I receive them.

Please post all current fire reports on this page to let us know what is going on.

Officials say that if you are near the fires you should make plans to leave for the night. Currently they are not asking for volunteers, that might change, so if you speak Spanish and are willing to help ask the police or civil protection for more information. Apart from that, stay indoors and listen out for any official advice given out by loudspeaker.

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  1. just heard from parents-moved to Gurrucha where is deemed safest apparently. Fire mainly in hills, through Mojacar Pueblo (village) and moving through towards Turre via mountain range as looking up from the coast – 23-00 GMT

  2. 22.58 BST – daughter just arrived at Gerrucha and can’t get to her destination in Mojacar. It seems they have been advised to walk from there to majacr as they are not allowed to drive in.

    Does anyone know if the beach road is safe by foot?

  3. I can’t seem to get any webcams in the area anyone point me to any that are still working please

  4. Am wondering about my many friends at Los G. Camping, Turre and Mojacar. My heart goes out to all in this beautiful area. Please keep information coming.

  5. Am wondering about my many friends at Los G. Camping, Turre and Mojacar. Please keep information coming. I am very worried, but thank goodness for your blog David.

  6. The Guardia visited properties along the Playa frontline this evening telling all occupants to evacuate and spend the night on the beach. Children included. The route up to the Pueblo at Parque Commercial is cordoned off and traffic to and from Garrucha is being monitored by the Guardia. Apparently the fire has done damage at La Parata but this is not confirmed.

  7. Just heard from an immediate source that Lennox Napiers house has been burnt. My sympathy to Lennox. It has been his home for 40 plus years. and all others who have been devastated by this disaster

  8. 23.10 UK Time – I have just had a phone call to say that Buses & Coaches were being taken onto the Playa to evacuate people away from the area.

    Also that fire had reached the Pueblo.

    I have read elsewhere that heading towards Garruch & Vera is the advice being given.

    Such a dreadful situation & I hope that everyone manages to remain safe.

  9. Noreen – please advice of other site(s) that are offering ‘live’ updates – many thanks

  10. just spoke to family there on the beach mojacar playa, sitting having something to eat, cannot move as the gaurds will not let people in or out.Sky has gone black, so seems fires are calming down, they sais they feel the most clam now than all day,thats a good sign!!!

  11. If anyone can provide update on damage in La Parata, would be very grateful. Simon – where is Lennox’s house? Sorry to hear it.

  12. ps sorry about spelling, we have two side of the family out there, feeling a little shakey, but after speaking to them at 23.20 english time feel alot better!

  13. Is there any news about the Indalo hotel area? Read that the fire is going in that direction, can anyone confirm?

  14. just spoke to my brother in law, he has walked up to puerto marina hotel from the engish rover/shamrock restaraunt, they think they could go back to the apartment there in the next few hours, air is clearing and sky is not blood red any more.My sister is staying 6 mins walk from shamrock just walking to see if they can go back.Doesn’t seem to have reached down from petrol station although i cant confirm that.Again they are calm, so no near danger at the playa.

  15. it is now 1am and the fire is still going strong but thank goodness the wind has dropped.The fire spread very quickly and i believe la parata was evacuated from 5.30 not sure about the extent of damage,can anyone comment?

  16. Just spoken to my friend in Los Limenaros and she has told me that there are some people still using their bar b que’s at midnight in the midst of all these fires!!!….how silly….why don’t they use their brains

  17. Just been told my sister can go back to her villa rented from new wave nw161, not to sure where it is but its 6 minutes walk to the shamrock, some thing like calle jeusus, i think, so it must be at bay the fire,Thats great news,

  18. just spoke to a friend and his parents who own the mesa bar but live on the mountain side, and my friend lives behind mr uk, he is back at the apartment behind mr uk but his parents who live on the mountain side in mojacar have been evacuated now and have just got back to the mesa bar, so some places it seems to be ok to go back and others it seems are still very very bad

  19. i live in marina de la torre and about 8.00 we were evacuated and told to head to garrucha,we have been told fire was behind there but not damaged any apartments, will not be allowed back there till tomorow,

  20. 3.16……..have been monitoring the fire all night via phone calls to parents and friends in mojacar, and watching from my garden in vera…..thankfully all seems to be under control now, the sky is clearing and the bright red flames have died down…difficult to get accurate reports on i wont speculate, but for worried family and friends one thing for sure its dying down …many evacuated thats for sure , but many for precaution and smoke …

  21. does anyone know of damage to la parata we are still in our bar evacuated

  22. Please keep comments coming about fire. I am sitting here in Leeds, U.K. thinking of friends and everyone affected by the disaster. Just hope everything now under control.


  24. 0920 GMT – back home in Playa area – Fire seemed limited to between mountain and ‘new’ road from traffic island near petrol station towards Turre. Helicopters damping down still

  25. Family now back at La Parata and their villa is relatively unscathed although fire damage all around. The speedof bush fire and efforts of the fire services seems to have left most properties scarred but still standing. Hope all others are as lucky and are OK…09.45 GMT

  26. 11.26 – Just heard from our friends in La Parata and the fire stopped at their front door. Thank goodness.
    Confirmed that there is another going on, no idea where exactly.

  27. Thanks to everyone who is sending in updates. I have friends and family in Mojacar and like others need assurance that the fire is under control and there have been no casualties.

  28. friends have returned to la parata and still have a house standing..but a close call, cannot get up by the cemetry as the road is still closed , but the cemetry still is standing just burnt around the edges….they are still damping down areas over mojcacar with the helicopters, which remains on red alert!, and the army are milling about , huge fire trucks too…plenty of help here now it seems , and seemes to be coordinated very well.., thankfully no reports of injuries at all !

  29. I live about 600 mtrs from the beach in Mojacar in the El Palmeral area and we were evacualted at about 6.30 yesterday afternoon and advised to go to Garrucha. We stopped on the beach opposite the hotel Marina Playa by the golf course and watched the fire from there. By 3.30am the fires had been extinguished in our area so we went back home, no damage thank goodness. This morning the helicopters are still carrying water for damping down. I don’t know why there have been comments about the firefighters doing nothing because we saw many fire engines going along the coast road to tackle the blaze. I feel very sorry for the people in the worst hit areas, like the Parata and wish them all well.

  30. 3:20PM Mojacar Playa, Los Atalayones – no tap water from the morning when we got back to the apartment. Anyone can comment on what’s going on and when will the supply be restored? Thanks a lot!

  31. I have friends who live on the Turre road, opposite the Tanatorio, is the fire near to them ?

  32. Most of the houses in that area are OK, although the fire went through there and devastated gardens and countryside.
    Many small outhouses burnt, but most main houses all right.

  33. 18.15 we have heard from our community management company that the pump re-supplying the water deposito has been damaged and that Galasa have said we may be without water from this evening for 2 days whilst it is being repaired and stocks can be replenished.

  34. 1709 BST (London)
    Hi, Admin. It’s been said before, but timing of posts would be of real use in a situation like this. If it could be incorporated without difficulty, please consider it. For now, can posters put the time at the start of their messages?

    I have seen “elsewhere” a report that the Parque Comercial has been affected and 2 people dead. This CONFLICTS with ALL other reports I have seen, certainly IF the Parque Comercial had been affected I would expect a lot of messages about it.

    Water supplies have been cut to conserve water for the fire fighting equipment. Therefore if people have stayed at their properties hoping to wet things down, only pools will provide water and it would be more sensible to leave, rather than be caught in a flare up.
    Wind and temperature seem lower today so there is a good chance of the fires being fully extinguished. In some places phones are down, presumably some of the posts have been burnt down.
    Many people spent the night in the open, so if you don’t hear from them, DON’T assume the worst, they are probably getting some rest or getting their stuff sorted. Yes, it was bad, and very scarey, but if the wind stays calm, then things will rapidly get back to normal.
    Well done to the Authorities for a text book evacuation plan and RESPECT to all involved in the fire fighting. Well Done!!
    And if arson is proved, I suggest that those guilty be treated as in the film “The Wickerman” on the beach for all to see!!

  35. Hi there – we are in Devon, England but have an apartment at Los Atalayones, Mojacar… hope everyone (George, Kath, Eddie, Greg & Jan, Pam and Terry) and their properties are okay. Our thoughts are with you – keep the information coming… thanks.

  36. 18:35GMT Just heard from friends staying in Mojacar, they have said the El Arbol supermarket is still shut and the car park is being used as a helipad. There are so many Guardia, Army & ambulances around the place its like a scene from a disaster movie!

    Seems like things are under control now though. My friend did mention however that the fire did in fact get as far as the beach in some places although its not clear whether that was in Mojacar Playa itself or further along the less urbanised areas.

  37. 18:35GMT Just heard from friends staying in Mojacar, they have said the El Arbol supermarket is still shut and the car park is being used as a helipad. There are so many Guardia, Army & ambulances around the place its like a scene from a disaster movie!

    Seems like things are under control now though.

  38. My Mother has an apartment at La Mata. Any news of any problems in this area? Thanks.

  39. 0800 GMT. Mojacar playa seems to be unscathed. I heard from family last evening that showers on the beach are still working, so if you have no water you can bring your soap to the playa! Restaurants seem to be operating OK, but no domestic water supply until Monday. Use buckets of water from the pool to flush the loo.

  40. 09:00 London time: Fires started again 25th July Sorry, bad news, it seems that the fires have started up again, presumably the wind has strengthened… The report was from the Puerto Marina end. Anyone on the spot to clarify, confirm and advise?

  41. 10:32 spain time yes there are some small fires the spotter plane is flying over wind is not strong yet so hope they put them out soon should no more later

  42. Hilary said that the water supply had been cut for domestic purposes. We still have water although the pressure is down and that is in the El Palmeral area. 10.45 am 25.09.09

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