Police on full alert in Roquetas for trouble

Police are on full orders to be on maximum alert for trouble in the Roquetas & Poniente area. Community leaders amongst the African immigrant community have warned of “high tensions” after the recent murder of Saidi E.S.  , killed by mistake by a friend in a fight. Immigrant communities are still tense after the race riots earlier this year, and low level trouble is constant between the immigrants and the Gitano communities. Almost 1 in 4 Continue reading Police on full alert in Roquetas for trouble


A woman called Úrsula Schulz has brought a number of camels to the Mojacar region, in the hope that locals will pay her to ride them. Or as teleprensa puts it here, Suitable for all, it will delight old and young. Obviously the journalist has never been on a camel. Still, should be fun.