Fire update (16/07) – only one house destroyed, according to Junta

Cabrera and Cortijo Grande are all reopened and things are getting back to normal.

Lots of Junta vans everywhere, assessing the damage and building an ecological report up.

Guardia Civil are still present at most entrances to the mountains, unofficially I’m told that they are there to discourage any light handed Larries who may take it upon themselves to start the “cleanup” early. A few plains clothes, too!

Two fires remain, but they were both declared “controlled” at around 19.30 last night and are expected to be out by early afternoon today.

The Junta believes that “upwards” of 5,000 ha were burnt, but said in a press conference that they believe only one cortijo was burnt, although a number had light exterior damage from the heat that looks worse than it really is.

So it appears that the only house destroyed was Finca Listonero, the famous restaurant. My sympathy goes out to the affected, and also Carol and Mark who had recently leased it and invested quite a bit in reopening the restaurant.

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  1. Thanks for all your reports David it’s been very helpful.
    Mat’s my brother that leases the Listonero and we are all devasted by what’s happened. they have worked so hard in the past 6 months to make a go of it that it seems unjust what has happened.
    Myself and my wife Hannah also lived in the valley for 5 years (we ran Los Limoneros) and our hearts go out to all that have been affected in the valley and Cabrera as it was our community and very close to our hearts.
    Mat & Carol WILL be back and what they really need now is everyones support as they literally have what they were wearing left to their name.
    Also lots of love to David and Graham who have also lost a lifetime of memories.

  2. Paul, please send Mat n Carol our very best wishes when you speak. I can’t begin to imagine how they are feeling.
    You’re right it does seem incredibly unfair. It was a beautiful place and they suited it perfectly with their style. I hope they will somehow make it rise from the ashes and we’ll all get chance to enjoy beautiful food with that beautiful view once more.
    Katy + Sandy [Los Lim locals]

  3. hello paul…hello everione
    first time… tks to mr.David Jackson…couse with his pictures and informations…i see it what was there…i am a romanian boy,who it lives in there…for 3 mounts…and now…after almoust 4-5 years…my hart is still there…with all the people i know in there…
    i hoppe that everibody are ok in there…after the fire…i am sorry for Matt…hoppe he will have the power to pass this … the restaurant “LOS LIMONEROS” is my favorit in there…keep it no. 1…
    very best wishes for all my friends in thee,and not only…
    Gavin and his wonderful mother,John David,Brian and Jane,Matt, Waine and his parents,Paul – Hanna and the Baby,Alan and Ana,Jeremy and his wife…and many oters…
    all the best for all of you

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