Update from Howard

Howard has sent me this update, which I’m copying here:

I have been to Cabrera this morning. The campo is very black but actual damage to property seems slight, unless you happen to own Finca Listonero  which is still burning. It is extraordinary how the flames have not destroyed all the houses, but they seem intact, albeit a few are a little scorched. Cortijo Grande appears to be completely undamaged, although the rough is now shorter. Life appears to be going on as normal with the bars and restaurants open. I cannot vouch for power and water supplies, but as the Bomberos departed, the emergency crews from the Junta de Andulucia were moving in. Full marks to the Spanish emergency services. They appear to have moved very quickly and must be congratulated for preserving the properties and saving lives.

The fire is still burning, but is now over towards Solpano and visible from Carbanaros. It is being fough by at least six helicopters who are getting water from the ponds on the new golf course at Mercena and five fixed wing amphibious aircraft who are taking water from the harbour at Carbanaros. The pilot’s skill is to behold. They fly into the harbour at some 35 degree of angle, level out, skim accross the surface of the water and take off again, without dinimutation in speed. Consider the chang in weight and the change in the balance of the aircraft when full of water1 Stunning stuff.

No need to cancel any travel arrangements or worry about friends or relatives.

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  1. Thanks for the updates, hope everyones OK. Appreciate any news of those living on the mountain in Cabrera and whether there’s access yet. Due to fly out to be with friends who live high on the mountain.

  2. Finca Listonero was not just a restaurant it was my brother-in-law’s home and contaned furniture and memorabilia from his late parents’ home. It was also been currently run by Carol van Mosel and Matt Edwards, a lovely young couple who have in effect lost their livelihood and our thoughts and best wishes are with them at this awful time. Love and Best Wishes to David, Graeme, Carol and Matt. xx

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