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I had over 1,046 more visitors in 8 hours yesterday than I normally receive, and have received around 30 emails asking for more information on the fire.

I can’t really get into specifics with individuals over the email, but I’ll keep posting what little I know here.

Currently, the police are still making safe the area and won’t let anyone up. According to Local Police, if all goes well and the fire experts say OK, house owners may be allowed back up this afternoon.

I’ll keep skulking around the area and as soon as they let me up I’ll come back with some more photos and updates.

If you have any decent photos of the fire or aftermath, send them over and I’ll post them.

There was also a small fire in Sorbas, which was extinguished by helicopter, and at around 12:30 last night the La Parata area of Mojacar was evacuated due to another fire. Police refused to say if these fires were started deliberatly.

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  1. Thanks for all the up date – fantastic

    We have posted your web site onto Facebook – so people can keep up to date who are worried

    Keep up the good work

  2. This was the first place I turned to to find out what was happening. We are in Alfaix – since February and spent all day watching the smoke and flames wax and wane – fortunately away from our humble home!!

  3. Well done on your reporting of this local natural(hopefully) disaster. Your reporting was very factual but reassuring during a time of stress. My mother and father are now very busy hoovering soot and ash up at their home in Cabrera – their only problem seems to be no water. Hope they have a very enjoyable (and well deserved) evening in Fatimas!!!!

  4. I second that – thank you for all the updates and photos! We have a villa in the valley but live in Texas!

  5. I have a good friend Terry Aldersley living in Mojacar; and was very distressed hearing the news. I lost his telephone numbers when my phone broke and would love to know if anyone knows Terry and can forward his mobile number to me (personal e-mail of course).
    I have e-mailed him but obviously have not had a response yet. I pray his home has not been affected.

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