Fire still smouldering

The main bulk of the fire is out, although it is still burning away up in the mountains.

The Guardia are still not letting anyone up into Cortijo Grande, although the Turre – Los Gallardos road has reopened.

Over 2,000 heactacres (20 square km) was burnt, according to media reports. It has been confirmed by an eyewitness that Finca Listonero was burnt, along with a number of cortijos close by. El Almeria newspaper says that around 20 cortijos were destroyed.

The flames did come down very close to Turre, and several fire breaks were made by the army just outside the town.

The fire reached a level 2, and a battalion of troops (around 120) were deployed to the area overnight to protect Turre and Mojacar, along with heavy earth moving equipment.

While the troops have been stood down, local media report that aerial units are still trying to extinguish the fires blazing up in the mountains.

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  1. How tragic to see these photographs and read these reports. We paid our annual visit to Mojacar in June/July and left only 2 weeks ago. We today received an e.mail from Matt and Carol at the Finca Listonero in the Cortijo Grande, that the Finca has mostly been destroyed. We knew the Finca well and visited it on 1 July to meet the new owners and have lunch there. We are devastated to hear of this sad loss, especially all those wonderful possessions that belonged to David and Graham the owners of the Finca, a wonderful couple and our heartfelt sympathies go to them.

  2. Do you know how to contact either or both Graeme and David and where they may be now?We’ve been out of contact some years and I’m shocked to see how Finca Listonero has been destroyed. Any information will be deeply appreciated.
    Thanks, Ted Scarborough

  3. Might be worth asking Matt and Carol at Bar La Montana as they ran it for a while before and after the fire

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