Latest from the Junta on the fire

Just in from the Junta, via the townhall. Around 4,000 ha were burnt in the fire. 600 civilians plus the military were involved in putting it out. They have confirmed that one house has been gutted by fire, but refused to confirm further damages. No injuries have been reported. Two fires remain but are both reported as being under control and expect to be put out before nightfall.

Update from Howard

Howard has sent me this update, which I’m copying here: I have been to Cabrera this morning. The campo is very black but actual damage to property seems slight, unless you happen to own Finca Listonero  which is still burning. It is extraordinary how the flames have not destroyed all the houses, but they seem intact, albeit a few are a little scorched. Cortijo Grande appears to be completely undamaged, although the rough is now Continue reading Update from Howard

Cortijo Grande reopened – fire burnt around 4,000 ha

Cortijo Grande has been reopened, at least the lower half. The upper half and Cabrera are still closed. Roads must still be cleared and not obstructed under any circumstances. A large plume of smoke shot up 20 mins ago to the far right of Cabrera and helicopters have moved over. Plumes of smoke are still coming out from the other side of the mountains. Finca Listonero and some houses nearby are a “bulldozer job” according Continue reading Cortijo Grande reopened – fire burnt around 4,000 ha

Facebook user?

If you use Facebook, Prensa Turre (which is a facebook account used by the Turre town hall) is going up through the mountains and updating the public via phone. Currently, he reports that the road is only open as far as Cortijo Grande, and you need to be a home owner to go that far. Not too much damage to the small hamlets of Los Moralicos, Cufrias, La Carrasca.

More fire photos

Here are some photos sent to me by John Furley, taken early this morning. I should stress that now (12.51) only a few plumes of smoke from the other side of the mountain are visible, but plenty of planes and activity still going on. The road to Cortijo Grande is still closed, although a number of private cars have been escorted to the entrance where they are waiting, so it may be that house owners Continue reading More fire photos

Fire was “probably” caused by a lightening strike

Infoca, the forest fire people, say that the probably cause of the fire was a lightening strike from the storms we had yesterday. While Almeria city and Albox suffered intermittent showers throughout the day, the Levante just had a dry thunderstorm, steady winds and temperatures of up to 40ºC.

Thanks for visiting!

I had over 1,046 more visitors in 8 hours yesterday than I normally receive, and have received around 30 emails asking for more information on the fire. I can’t really get into specifics with individuals over the email, but I’ll keep posting what little I know here. Currently, the police are still making safe the area and won’t let anyone up. According to Local Police, if all goes well and the fire experts say OK, Continue reading Thanks for visiting!

Fire still smouldering

The main bulk of the fire is out, although it is still burning away up in the mountains. The Guardia are still not letting anyone up into Cortijo Grande, although the Turre – Los Gallardos road has reopened. Over 2,000 heactacres (20 square km) was burnt, according to media reports. It has been confirmed by an eyewitness that Finca Listonero was burnt, along with a number of cortijos close by. El Almeria newspaper says that Continue reading Fire still smouldering