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  1. So did you take these from near the brick pillars?
    Were you facing straight up the Cortijo Grande road? Or slightly to left or to right?
    We’re trying to second guess which way its going through the valley.

    You have a good camera there by the way – they’re very clear pics – frighteningly so in fact!

    Thanks for keeping everyone informed – altho i’m not sure if it would be better for my health if you didn’t till tomorrow or the next day!

  2. Thanks for the info. Do you know if any concerns have been raised about Mojacar Playa or village, that is to say are they thinking of moving any residents out.
    Thanks for the pics – I think!!

  3. 😥 So glad I found your website …We are all worried about family residents and friends in Cabrera and Cortijo Grande….keep us all informed thinking of the safety of everyone and hope evryone managed to get out …Thank you for your photos ! please keep safe…..

  4. Around midnight: – fires behind and above Turre. Mountain glow above Sopalmo. The Artesan Centre at Mojacar fuente has been turned into an evacuation centre.
    No helicopters or planes at night – just fire engines etc.

  5. Good photos. I am in Los Gallardos and took some throughout the evening but only have a small Lumix digital. I have kept off beer all night incase we needed to drive away but the flames have gone over to Sopalmo side now and look likes this side has nearly burnt out.

  6. Our parents live in Jardines De Agua and they were evacuated this afternoon. They are fine at a friends house in El Pinar but have no news as to what is happening. I have been all over the net and this is the only site I have found that is giving us any clue as to what is going on. Thanks for keeping us updated although the photos are a bit of a shock.


  7. My parents live in Cabrera and got evacuated this afternoon. They have heard different rumours about the fate of Cabrera but nothing concrete yet. Thanks for the updates and please try to keep them coming.

  8. Hi, its 1.35am Wednesday, still up keeping an eye on developments at the rear of our home, looking over the mountain towards Cabrera, the whole skyline is glowing red looks a lot nearer that in did this afternoon, we live 3rd level from the beach in Mojacar Playa with the back of the house to the mountain. Elaine and Dave from Macs Cancer Charity have been evacuated to friends Fran & Geoff in Lubrin with their grand-daughter and 3 dogs in tow, they tell us that their home is surrounded, please god let them not lose their home. From the back view of our home the pueblo is to the right and the skyline aglow is way over to the left, more nearer la parata. We are worried for all the evacuees tonight and what tomorrow will bring.

  9. I’m so glad I’ve found someone who’s posting news about what’s going on. I’m in Australia and my parents live in La Parata. Is there any news on if the fire has spread that way.

  10. The fires which were frightenenly visable from the 7th floor of Victoria Building Mojacar Pueblo appear to have subsided. The firey trail shown in Alan’s photographs seem to have gone out and the glow in the sky has dissapeared. However this could be because the smoke cloud is thicker!. No more falling ash.

    Spoke to the Policia Locale at 3am who confirmed the situation is under control, although at that time the fires were still visably burning. Time now 0440hrs. Thanks Alan, you have provided the only real time information.

  11. David thank you very much for the information we have a house in Cabrera but are more concerned for friends who live there permanently. Any updated information would be very much appreciated.

  12. Spoke to my parents this morning who live in Cabrera. They’re not being let back up until midday by the Guadia. Someone has been up there this morning though and they’ve heard that no villas have been lost. Just hope that’s true. The fire went through Cortijo Grande and apparently a couple of villas may have been damaged down through the valley there though 🙁
    I’ll post more when I’ve spoken to them again this afternoon.

  13. Thank you David for your photos and the information it is giving us. We hope that there has been no lose of life. We are in England and checking your site regualarly.

  14. Thanks for your site it is the only place I can find to get on the spot up to date information. Can anyone tell me if La Parata has been affected?

  15. We are due to fly out tomorrow to visit friends in Cabrera so everyone’s updates are really useful. No word as yet but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that everyone is OK.

  16. We have a similar dilemma Maggie. We’re due to fly over Sunday for a couple of weeks at our house in the valley.

  17. It’s midday now and from our house on Mojacar beach I can see where the fire came over the top during the night. It’s up behind the Hotel Indalo or probably further but well off the beach. The planes and helicopters are very much in action. There is no sign of any fire in La Parata area.

  18. I have been to Caberra this morning. The campo is very black but actual damage to property seems slight, unless you happen to own Finca Limeros (ithink that was the name) which is still burning. It is exraordinary how the flames have not destroyed all the houses, but they seem intact, albeit a few are a little scorched. Cortigo Grande appears to be completeley undamaged, although the rough is now shorter. Life appears to be going on as normal with the bars and restaurants open. I cannot vouch for power and water supplies, but as the Bomberos departed, the emergency crews from the Junta de Andulucia were moving in. Full marks to the Spanish emergency services. They appear to have moved very quickly and must be congatulated for preserving the properties and saving lives.

    The fire is still burning, but is now over towards Solpano and visible from Carbanaros. It is being fough by at least six helicopters who are getting water from the ponds on the new golf course at Mercena and five fixed wing amphibious aircraft who are taking water from the harbour at Carbanaros. The pilot’s skill is to behold. They fly into the harbour at some 35 degree of angle, level out, skim accross the surface of the water and take off again, without dinimutation in speed. Consider the chang in weight and the change in the balance of the aircraft when full of water1 Stunning stuff.

    No need to cancel any travel arrangements or worry about friends or relatives.

  19. A small update – there is no water supply to the Cortijo Grande area – well at least the Jardines end anyway. Its Finca Listonero that’s gone, Los Limoneros is OK so far as I know.

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