Fire over Cabrera

A huge fire is raging over Cabrera.

Started this late morning with a small one in the pine forests off the the right of Cabrera.

forest fire cabrera turre mojacar almeria

By 4 o’cock, it had spread and here is a photo of the smoke from Mojacar beach.

wild fire turre mojacar almeria

You can see the blue of the sky off to the right of the smoke.

I’m back at my flat in Turre (at the bottom of the hills) and there is no point taking a photo of the fire as it’s just black smoke billowing from the mountains. I’m told the flames have just come over the top of the mountain and are starting down towards Cabrera.The house is full of smoke and ash, and the plume of smoke is flaming away towards the sea.

It was raining this morning (cleared away now, not a drop sadly) so this may have been started by someone who thought the rain would stop it from spreading. Certainly, the rumour is that the arsonist who started those fires a few weeks ago is still around.

I would say that there had to be at least two focal points to this fire, one to the right of Cabrera (at least 20k off) and one the other side of the mountains from Cabrera. No idea what’s happening now, the smoke is too thick.

I’ll post anything interesting over the next couple of hours here . Meanwhile, here’s a nice photo of the sun seen through the smoke.

wild fire photo sorbas nijar almeria mojacar albox

20 Replies to “Fire over Cabrera”

  1. Hi – we have a place in Turre – only left there on sunday, my brother is still there and was texting me about this, have you any updates on the damage?

  2. Thanks for the pics and updates – I can see the flames from my kitchen near Vera Playa – looks like a volcano – friend of mine works on Costa Almeria News and is covering this, but too busy obviously) to go into details on the phone

  3. Is there any more news on this?
    How far has the fire travelled now? Is it near Mojacar Playa?
    Thank you for the updates and photo’s, much appreciated!
    Hope you and everyone concerned stay safe!

  4. hi my name is peter is the fire anywere near mojacar pueblo if so please call me on 666 168 281
    i need to know because i have animals n wil need to evacuate

  5. Hi, my brother is in los gallardos, and he has decided to leave, as the fire is spreading dramatically, hopefully this is an over reaction, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, he was in a restaurant in mojacar, and it got evacuated, when he returned to the villa, the fire was very close. apparently they don’t have enough fire departments to cope. If i knew anyone within the local area, mine and my brothers advice would be to get out. good luck to everyone, if i have anymore info, i’ll post it.

  6. omg.. im sat on my patio in cuevas del almanzora.. its very scarey.. iv been to almeria airport, and the flames were only meters from the main road. ive neva seen anything like i in my life….. hope they get it under control soon.. my heart goes out to those close by…

  7. Hi, its 1.35am Wednesday, still up keeping an eye on developments at the rear of our home, looking over the mountain towards Cabrera, the whole skyline is glowing red looks a lot nearer that in did this afternoon, we live 3rd level from the beach in Mojacar Playa with the back of the house to the mountain. Elaine and Dave from Macs Cancer Charity have been evacuated to friends Fran & Geoff in Lubrin with their grand-daughter and 3 dogs in tow, they tell us that their home is surrounded, please god let them not lose their home. From the back view of our home the pueblo is to the right and the skyline aglow is way over to the left, more nearer la parata. We are worried for all the evacuees tonight and what tomorrow will bring.

  8. ❗ Hello,
    I have a home in Cabrera…. Anyone who can offer me an update, it would be most appreciated.. Haven’t heard from my friends yet..

  9. Hello
    My parents have been evacuated from Cabrera and were staying with friends just outside Turre. Thank you for the updates it is just so worrying, please, please, please keep updating with any news, as this is the only place I can find any news.

  10. As of 1.30am, a local policeman and a town hall official confirmed that there was so far little damage in Cabrera although the Finca Listonero has suffered badly and at that point there was certainly some damage in Cortijo Grande. We were up at the control point then and, along with many local Turre people, will happily offer a bed and comfort to anyone who has been evacuated. Weather report is wind SSW 25.
    The police say they have been asked not to pass on details to individuals on principle, guess that makes sense because there are so many rumours.

  11. We have an apartment in Cortijo Grande and Friends in the area, We are particularly worried about about Tony and Shirley up at the The Rancho Cabrera, have they managed to get the horses out? If the Finca Listonaro has been effected that’s to close for comfort. Does anyone have any idea where we can get up to date info? Sandra from Jacinto

  12. Don’t know much, sorry. Tony has cancelled work to be done today because they can’t be there, other friends from Cabrera are to be allowed up to their house this afternoon/evening. Spectrum Radio are doing a special report about Cabrera, C Grande and the fire starting at 2 pm local time (92.6 on your radio).

  13. Sorry to hear the news about the restaurant Finca Listonaro, my husband was close by when he saw the roof go, such a tragedy, I believe that Elaine & Dave’s home has escaped but are surrounded by devastation, How we all come together at a time like this, places to sleep for the evacuees have been endless, what a caring community we have here and I am proud to be part of it, as more news emerges lets remember all the people back in the UK worried about their homes, friends & Neighbors, your site gives them the information they crave at this time, keep up the good work.

  14. We have heard news from friends who have returned to their home located on the uppermost road in Cabrera (route out to the mountains). We also have a house there. The fire has narrowly missed these last few houses – blackened brush immediately to the rear and against the terrace ballustrades. Apparently no serious damage to these houses, but looking down on Nacimiento guesthouse this appears badly damaged. Thankfully our house intact even if irrigation lines have melted! A miracle the house is still standing…..

  15. We have a house in Alcazaba Cabrera, we have been so lucky no damage to the house, all our friends and neighbours have been amazing keeping us informed, my heart sunk when I found out Listonaro had gone all those antiques and pictures so sad, but we are all safe no lives lost….

  16. Hello,
    I am staying in Cortijo Grande next week, in a house which looks over the golf course, could anyone please tell me if the damage caused by the fire has affected the view at all, and if possible could someone upload a picture. We are paying for the view, so we would appriecate any information about the damaged caused by the fire.
    Thank You

  17. lottie, you heatless, intolerable, bitch, I hope you are not being serious,

    Have any houses been lost in Cabrera, we too have friends there?

  18. The fire look absolutely terrible. Have any other properties other than Listonaro been lost or severly damanged ? If so I feel very sad for the owners but at least no people have been injured. If there is no other damage then it is a miracle. It will also have a devastating effect on the wildlife habitats in the mountains.

  19. well, out friends house is still standing, but very bad smoke damage and the loss of a vehicle, I understand they will have to move out for a while, this is terrible news, not all of the people on Cabrera are holiday makers or are lucky enough to have second homes, some people have made a new life in Cabrera, it is them that my thoughts are with.

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