300 houses evacuated, according to Canal Sur

Canal Sur says that 300 houses in the mountains have been evacuated so far.

The fire started in Cerro de la Mezquita and has spread rapidly.  53 fire units have been assigned so far, as well as two amphibian aircraft, three normal planes, an overall command plane, four helicopters and two large capacity helicopters.

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  1. Thanks for posting this information on the fire, as we own a house in Corijo Grande we are very concerned to find out as much as possible as to the current situation.

    Lets hope there are no injuries and that the damage to property is not too severe.

  2. Hi, its 1.35am Wednesday, still up keeping an eye on developments at the rear of our home, looking over the mountain towards Cabrera, the whole skyline is glowing red looks a lot nearer that in did this afternoon, we live 3rd level from the beach in Mojacar Playa with the back of the house to the mountain. Elaine and Dave from Macs Cancer Charity have been evacuated to friends Fran & Geoff in Lubrin with their grand-daughter and 3 dogs in tow, they tell us that their home is surrounded, please god let them not lose their home. From the back view of our home the pueblo is to the right and the skyline aglow is way over to the left, more nearer la parata. We are worried for all the evacuees tonight and what tomorrow will bring.

  3. we live in cuava negra and quite a large area of mountain was destroyed on wednesday evening and thursday morning when the aircraft arrived. this morning there where still aircraft around the area which appears to be close to solpamo and las adelphos

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