Accident due to fire?

Reports reach me of a family leaving their house as it caught fire, and as they rushed from the fire had a nasty accident. House was in flames, apparantly, although this reached me third hand. Guardia are refusing to allow anyone up to Cortijo Grande, even the TV who are congregating around the entrance. Dad, who wandered over, got interviewed by Andalucia Directo. A number of cars full of possessions have been fleeing the area.

Fire coming down into valley

Due to the smoke, I´ve left Turre and moved further up the valley. Cabrera and Cortijo Grande have been evacuated and the roads sealed off by Guardia. The fire now extends from the right of Cabrera down to Mojacar. A number of (3?) helicopters are ferrying water from a local reservoir. The light is currently terrible, as a huge pall of smoke has now gone over the house. And a large bulldozer on a lorry Continue reading Fire coming down into valley

Fire over Cabrera

A huge fire is raging over Cabrera. Started this late morning with a small one in the pine forests off the the right of Cabrera. By 4 o’cock, it had spread and here is a photo of the smoke from Mojacar beach. You can see the blue of the sky off to the right of the smoke. I’m back at my flat in Turre (at the bottom of the hills) and there is no point Continue reading Fire over Cabrera