Goodbye Unicaja, hello UniCajaSur (and a bit for the blighters in Cordoba Church too)

Amazing bit of poker playing, this one. Despite the fact that the greedy, grasping bishops of Cordoba ran their bank into the ground speculating on dodgy real estate deals (Cajasur was bankrupt and kept alive only by a wallet transfusion by the Bank of Spain to save ZP having a red face), they’ve managed to merge the damn thing with a properly run bank (Unicaja), get their losses covered (1.024 million euro cheque from the Continue reading Goodbye Unicaja, hello UniCajaSur (and a bit for the blighters in Cordoba Church too)

Marbella approves PGOU to legalise illegal homes

The dark days of GIL are put behind Marbella as the town faces a fresh new future. 16,500 homes are to be legalised and developers will be chased for compensation payments from the town hall. Oh, 1,500 homes will still be demolished (500 of them lived in) but you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs, as they say….

New air route to Madrid and Barcelona announced €59 return? That ain’t bad. Perfect for tourists who otherwise can’t get here in the winter. Fly to Madrid, change, fly onwards. Twice daily. Later Barcelona. Not too sure about them using some strange Brazilian plane made in Seville… Still, no extra charge for luggage and the seats are promised to be comfy. Amazing how the Junta doesn’t mind throwing money into a rat hole, as long as the rat is Andaluz. (The carrier Continue reading New air route to Madrid and Barcelona announced

Mojacar fires are under control

Seems the fires in Mojacar are all fully controlled and expected to be out soon. More here: Meanwhile, Salvemos Mojacar are muttering that the fires were probably started by people who wanted to build on the land. Another theory is that underground roots from the last fire smouldered away until igniting in the high winds two days ago. Yet another theory is some nutter with a lighter. If it is, then Bedar hills will Continue reading Mojacar fires are under control

BBC covering fire

The BBC has sent out a team to cover the Mojacar wildfires. Some expats -including the young bro- interviewed here. It’s running constantly on BBC 24, and I would have thought that somebody would have shown them how to pronounce “Mojácar”. ITV actually called me up to confirm the pronunciation.