Mariela’s Oasis Bar

I’m informed that Mariela’s Oasis bar restaurant along Mojácar playa continues with their “lunch for one euro” special every Wednesday.

I was told that it’s “nice although you have to remove the skin from the chicken yourself”, which frankly left me wondering. Is this before or after it’s cooked?

Anyone tried it and care to comment?

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  1. I’d love to comment on Mariela’s Oasys Bar, nice venue – shame about the food and service. In our experience it is THE WORST in Mojacar by a significant margin.

  2. I agree, seems a good deal, but dirty and food leaves a lot to be desired. Service friendly though.

  3. Looks like the rest of Mojacar agreed. It has closed down and Alan (the owner) is rumoured to have returned to the UK. Let’s hope the new owners do a better job! I wish them well.

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