Arsonist behind last weeks fires

(Note: These are the fires in Sorbas in June, nothing to do with the Cabrera fires which took place after I wrote this post. The Cabrera fires are believed to be caused by lightening).

It is now generally accepted that some nutter with a lighter has been running around Sorbas setting fire to the place.

In three days last week, five times more Hm3 of scrub (1.700) were burnt than in all of 2008, and the mayor of Sorbas says that it is all down to one man.

National Police units are scouring the area and making random stops on passer bys.

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  1. Hi

    Can you keep us up-dated if the fire gets any close to the top end of Turre (near the bowlling green)

  2. My friend Kim White.on the morning the Cabrera fires started,went to Alfaix, she saw a terrific bolt of lightening ,which struck behind but to the side of the Cabrera mountain.When she came out of the home of her customer (in Alfaix) there was a plume of smoke rising. She is sure that was the start of the fire which spead to Cortijio Grande.( Kim is a beauty therapist and also practises chiropody )

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