Piers Morgan in Marbella

Strange. You would think that Piers would have said something on his blog (here) about his happy holidays in Marbella. Instead, the shy retiring violet has decided to keep quiet and allow his beloved, perma tanned fans to bask in his radiance. What would Jeremy say? Full photos and story here. Poor sod. Looks quite scared in the fourth photo from the end. If the hands were the other way round somebody could probably sue Continue reading Piers Morgan in Marbella


Popped into Damien’s in Turre for a haircut, something that I do about every 5 weeks (the hair grows quickly). I recently had the unpleasent sensation of going bald. Not, I hasten to add, in the normal places, but just in front of the ears, above the sideburns. In a series of photos I come out looking shaven in front of the lobes. “Damien”, sayz I, “pop the old clippers back on the recharging stand Continue reading Hairdressers

Electricity up 2% tomorrow

Tomorrow sees the introduction of the new free market for electricty and (piped) gas in Spain. If you don’t choose a supplier and new tariff, you remain on the “base” rate, the Tarifa de Ultimo Recurso (TUR), which is basically the same as it is now. Except that “they” have just announced that the TUR will be 2% higher than current prices, so as from middnight tonight all prices go up. So start hunting around Continue reading Electricity up 2% tomorrow

Mariela’s Oasis Bar

I’m informed that Mariela’s Oasis bar restaurant along Mojácar playa continues with their “lunch for one euro” special every Wednesday. I was told that it’s “nice although you have to remove the skin from the chicken yourself”, which frankly left me wondering. Is this before or after it’s cooked? Anyone tried it and care to comment?

Universal phone charger deal approved

From the BBC A deal’s been done between industry bosses and the European Commission in Brussels to work towards a ‘one size fits all’ charger. It would mean an end to users having to hunt around for the right type of charger for their handset and should help cut waste. Perfectly good chargers can often be thrown away if someone gets a new type of phone handset. The deal isn’t legally binding though and, at Continue reading Universal phone charger deal approved

Arsonist behind last weeks fires

(Note: These are the fires in Sorbas in June, nothing to do with the Cabrera fires which took place after I wrote this post. The Cabrera fires are believed to be caused by lightening). It is now generally accepted that some nutter with a lighter has been running around Sorbas setting fire to the place. In three days last week, five times more Hm3 of scrub (1.700) were burnt than in all of 2008, and Continue reading Arsonist behind last weeks fires